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Operations Research – ICAR eCourse PDF eBook

cover of operation research

Operations Research

Language: English

Pages: 139

Author: R. Malhotra & D. K. Jain

Price: Free

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Course Outline: Operations Research

Module 1: Introduction to Operations Research

Lesson 1. Elementary concepts and objectives of Operations Research

Lesson 2. Applications of Operations Research in decision making


Module 2: Linear Programming Problem

Lesson 3. Mathematical formulation of the linear programming problem

and its graphical solution

Lesson 4. Simplex Method


Module 3: Transportation Problem

Lesson 5. Definition and mathematical formulation

Lesson 6. Initial basic feasible solution

Lesson 7. Optimal solution


Module 4: Assignment Problem

Lesson 8. Introduction and mathematical formulation

Lesson 9. Solution of Assignment problem


Module 5: Inventory Control

Lesson 10. Introduction and general notations

Lesson 11. Economic lot size models with known demand


Module 6: Replacement Theory

Lesson 12. Introduction and elementary concepts

Lesson 13. Replacement of items deteriorating with time


Module 7: Sequencing Problem

Lesson 14. Introduction and general notations

Lesson 15. Solution of a Sequencing problem


Module 8: Queuing Theory

Lesson 16. Introduction and classification of queues

Lesson 17. Solution of Queuing models


Module 9: Project Planning and Network Analysis

Lesson 18. Introduction and basic definitions in Network Analysis

Lesson 19. Rules for drawing Network Analysis

Lesson 20. Critical Path Method (CPM)

Lesson 21. Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT)


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