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Principles of Seed Technology PDF Book

Book Detail: Principles of seed technology

Language: English Front Page Of seed Technology

Pages: 289

Author: TNAU

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Course Outlines: Principles of seed technology

Lecture 01: seed production

Lecture 02: seed policy

Lecture 03: seed demand forecasting and planning for certified, foundation and breeder seed production

Lecture 04: deterioration of crop varieties – causes and maintenance

Lecture 05: seed quality

Lecture 06: classes of seed

Lecture 07: seed production in maize

Lecture 08: hybrid seed production in maize

Lecture 09: seed production techniques in paddy varieties

Lecture 10: hybrid seed production in paddy

Lecture 11: seed production in sorghum

Lecture 12: hybrid seed production in sorghum

Lecture 13: seed production in pearl millet

Lecture 14: seed production in cotton varieties and hybrids

Lecture 15: seed production in sunflower

Lecture 16: Seed production in varieties and hybrids of castor

Lecture 17: Seed production techniques in vegetables

Lecture 18: Brinjal (solanum melongena)

Lecture 19: Chilli (capsicum frutescense)

Lecture 20: Bhendi (abelmoschus esculentus)

Lecture 21: Onion (allium cepa)

Lecture 22: Seed production of cucurbitaceous vegetables

Lecture 23: Seed certification

Lecture 24: Seeds act and rules

Lecture 25: Intellectual property rights (iprs)

Lecture 26: Varietal identification

Lecture 27: Seed drying

Lecture 28: Seed processing

Lecture 29: Seed treatment

Lecture 30: Seed storage

Lecture 31: Seed marketing

Lecture 32: Pricing policy

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