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Soil and Water Conservation Structures PDF Book

Soil and Water Conservation StructuresSoil and Water Conservation Structures

Bunds and terraces are mechanical structures used to control the soil erosion. A terrace is an earth embankment, constructed across the slope to control runoff and thus reduces the soil erosion. Bench terrace reduces land slope whereas broad base terrace removes or retains water on sloping land.

Language: English

Pages: 294

Author: Dr. N. S. Raghuwanshi, Dr. P. K. Mishra

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Outlines of Soil and Water Conservation Structures

Module 1. Perspective on Soil and Water Conservation

Lesson 1. Soil Erosion

Lesson 2. Soil Conservation

Lesson 3. Soil Conservation Approaches

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Module 2. Pre-requisites for Soil and Water Conservation

Lesson 4. Physiographic Characteristics of Watershed

Lesson 5. Peak Rate of Runoff

Lesson 6. Runoff Estimation

Lesson 7. Runoff Measurement using Weirs

Lesson 8. Runoff Measurement using Flumes

Lesson 9. Open Channel Flow

Lesson 10 Energy and Momentum Equation

Lesson 11. Energy and Momentum

Lesson 12. Hydraulic Jump or Standing Wave

Module 3. Design of Permanent Gully Control Structures

Lesson 13. Design Requirements of Gully Control Structures

Lesson 14. Design Procedure for Spillways

Lesson 15. Drop Spillway

Lesson 16. Drop Spillway Design

Lesson 17. Structural Design of Drop Spillway-I

Lesson 18. Structural Design of Drop Spillway-II

Lesson 19. Drop Inlet Spillway

Lesson 20. Drop Inlet Spillway Construction

Lesson 21. Chute Spillway

Lesson 22. Design of Chute Spillway

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Module 4. Water Storage Structures

Lesson 23. Earthen Embankment

Lesson 24. Earthen Dam Drainage and Failure

Lesson. 25 See Analysis

Lesson 26. Phreatic Line in Earthen Dam

Lesson 27. Farm Ponds

Lesson 28. Farm Pond Design and Construction

Module 5. Trenching and Diversion Structures

Lesson 29. Trenching

Lesson 30. Diversions and Ditches

Module 6. Cost Estimation

Lesson 31. Cost Estimation

Lesson 32. Cost Estimation Examples

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