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University takes up study on impact of amino acid

University takes up study on impact of amino acid


The organic compund is an efficient bio-manure that helps grow paddy

Tamil Nadu Agriculture University’s Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural College and Research Institute has taken up a research project to study the impact of application of amino acid in paddy fields with alkaline soil in Manikandam block where the institute is located.

The study aims at using waste fish and eggs from which the extract, rich in amino acid, is obtained and mixed with jaggery. “The mixture, when retained for about a week’s time, turns into a gel and is applied on the fields,” said P. Pandiyarajan, Dean.

Amino acid was an efficient bio-manure that helped in the growth of paddy. Farmers had been applying bio-manures such as ‘panchakavya’ and amino acid. But the results or impact had not been properly recorded based on scientific observations. Hence the current research, he added.

  1. Srinivasan, Professor and Head, Department of Agronomy, and T. Ramesh, Assistant Professor, said amino acid had the distinct character of increasing chlorophyll in the leaves, enhancing microbial activity and finally leading to quality tillers in large numbers. “We will study each and every aspect and record the observations,” they added.

A student. B. Priyanka, has been assigned the responsibility of monitoring the growth of the paddy on about 20 cents.

The study is being conducted on “TRY (R) 3” variety, recommended by the Institute for alkaline soil in the Manikandam block and all salt-affected fields across the State.



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