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Waste and By-Product Utilization PDF Book

Book Detail: Waste and By-product Utilization

Efficient utilization of by-products has direct impact on the economy and environmental pollution of the country. … Besides pollution and hazard aspects, in many cases meat, poultry and fish processing wastes have a potential for recycling raw materials or for conversion into useful products of higher value.

Language: English

Pages: 114

Author: Dr. S. K. Singh, Dr. P. K. Gupta

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Outlines of Waste and By-product Utilization

I. Introduction to by-products and waste generation in agricultural production and processing

  1. By-products/waste, types of food by-product and waste, magnitude of by-products and waste in food production, magnitude of by-products and wastes in food processing

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II . Waste management concepts

  1. Waste characteristics, waste management and effluent treatment

III. Direct combustion of solid waste

  1. Proximate and ultimate analysis of biomass, theory of combustion, direct combustion of biomass as fuel in furnaces, operating conditions affecting design of furnace.
  2. Bales, operation of baler, briquettes, advantages and uses of briquettes.
  3. Thermo-chemical conversion of solid waste
  4. Biomass gasification, gasification process mechanism, types of gasifier reactors, utilization of producer gas
  5. Bio-chemical conversion of solid waste
  6. Biogas, biogas plants, classification of biogas plants, design of biogas plants, comparison among KVIC, Janta and Deenbandhu biogas plants, working of Deenbandhu biogas plant.
  7. Selection of proper size of biogas plant, utilization of biogas for cooking purpose.
  8. Utilization of biogas  for  lighting purposes and engine operation
  9. Solid waste management
  10. Methods of disposal solid waste, Vermin composting

VII. Effluent treatment and disposal

  1. Parameters of effluent like temperature, pH, Oxygen demands (BOD,COD), fat oil and grease content, metal content, forms of phosphorous and sulphur in effluent
  2. Treatment of effluent, steps for waste water treatment, sedimentation, coagulation, flocculation and floatation
  3. Characteristics of food processing waste water, trickling filters, rotating biological contractors
  4. Oxidation ditches, activated sludge process, lagoons
  5. Filteration, slow sand filter, rapid sand filter, disinfection of water

VIII. Presence of typical chemicals

  1. Microbiology of waste, bacteriological analysis of water, water borne diseases, insecticide, pesticide and fungicides residues
  2. Management of Pesticide Residues, equipments for estimation of pesticide residue.


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