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Agriculture for Engineers PDF book

Book Detail: Agriculture for Engineers

Language: English

Pages: 267

Author: Dr. S.S. Kapdi

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Outline of Agriculture for Engineers

Module 1 Nature and origin of soil

 Lesson 1 Nature and Origin of Soil

 Lesson 2 Rocks and Minerals

Module 2 Soil forming processes

 Lesson 3 Soil Forming Processes

 Lesson 4 Classification of Soil – Taxonomy Orders

 Lesson 5 Soil Physical Properties and Soil Particle Distribution – I

 Lesson 6 Soil Physical Properties and Soil Particle Distribution -II

Module 3 Soil inorganic colloids

 Lesson 7 Soil Inorganic Colloids

 Lesson 8 Charges on Soil Colloids

 Lesson 9 Ion Exchange in Soil

Module 4 Soil Organic Matter

 Lesson 10 Soil Organic Matter

 Lesson 11 Soil Reaction and Soil Problems

Module 5 Quality of irrigation water

 Lesson 12 Quality of Irrigation Water

 Lesson 13 Poor Quality of Irrigation Water and Management Practices

Module 6 Plant nutrients

 Lesson 14 Essential Plant Nutrients

 Lesson 15 Nutrient Deficiency, Toxicity and Control Measures 

Module 7 Inorganic fertilizers

 Lesson 16 Chemical fertilizers

 Lesson 17 Fertilizer Reaction in Soil and Use Efficiency

Module 8 Definition and scope of agronomy

 Lesson 18 Definition and Scope of Agronomy

Module 9 Crops

 Lesson 19 Classification of Crops

Module 10 Weather parameters

 Lesson 20 Effect of Different Weather Parameters on Crop Growth and Development -I

 Lesson 21 Effect of Different Weather Parameters on Crop Growth and Development -II

Module 11 Tillage

 Lesson 22 Principal of Tillage

 Lesson 23 Tilth and Its Characteristics

Module 12 Tillage

 Lesson 24 Role of Water in Plant and Its Absorption

 Lesson 25 Conduction and Transpiration of Water and Plant Processes

 Lesson 26 Soil Water Extraction Pattern and Plant Response

Module 13 Introduction to weeds

 Lesson 27 Introduction to weeds

Lesson 28 Weeds Control

Module 14 Crop rotation, cropping systems, relay and mixed cropping

 Lesson 29 Crop Rotation

 Lesson 30 Different Cropping Systems – I

 Lesson 31 Different Cropping Systems – II

Module 15 Scope of Horticultural & Vegetable Crops

 Lesson 32 Scope of Horticultural Crops

Module 16 Soil and climatic requirements for fruits, vegetables and floriculture crops

 Lesson 33 Soil Requirement for Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers Crops

 Lesson 34 Climatic Requirement for Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers Crops

Module 17 Criteria for site selection, layout and planting methods, nursery raising

 Lesson 35 Criteria for site selection

 Lesson 36 Layout and Planting Methods

 Lesson 37 Nursery Raising

Module 18 Macro and micro propagation methods

 Lesson 38 Macro Propagation Methods

 Lesson 39 Micro Propagation Methods

Module 19 Plant growing structures, pruning and training

 Lesson 40 Plant Growing Structures

Lesson 41 Pruning and Training

Module 20 Fertilizer application, fertigation & irrigation methods

 Lesson 42 Fertilizer Application and Fertigation

 Lesson 43 Irrigation Methods

Module 21 Harvesting, grading and packaging, post-harvest practices

 Lesson 44 Harvesting, Grading and Packaging

 Lesson 45 Post Harvest Practices

Module 22 Garden tools, management of orchard

 Lesson 46 Garden Tools

 Lesson 47 Management of Orchard

Module 23 Extraction and storage of vegetable seeds

 Lesson 48 Extraction and Storage of Vegetable Seeds


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