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Design and Maintenance of Green House PDF Book FREE

Design and Maintenance of Green House

Green house are frames of inflated structure covered with a transparent material in which crops are grown under controlled environment conditions.

Language: EnglishDesign and Maintenance of Green House

Pages: 281

Author: Dr. R.F. Sutar

 Price: Free

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Outlines of Design and Maintenance of Green House

Module 1. History and types of green house

Lesson 1 History and Types of Greenhouse

Module 2.Function and features of green house

Lesson-2 Function and Features of Greenhouse

Module 3.Scope and development of green house technology

Lesson 3 Scope and Development of Greenhouse Technology

Module 4.Location, planning and various components of green house

Lesson 4 Location, Planning and Various Components of Greenhouse

Module 5.Design criteria and calculations

Lesson 5 Criteria for Design and Construction of Greenhouse

Lesson 6 Design Load Calculations : Part I

Lesson 7 Design Load Calculations: Part II

Module 6. Construction materials and methods of construction

Lesson 8 Construction Material

Lesson 9 Methods of construction

Module 7. Covering material and characteristics

Lesson-10 Greenhouse Covering

Module 8. Solar heat transfer

Lecture 11 Solar Radiation

Lecture 12 Heat Transfer for Solar Energy Utilization

Module 9. Solar fraction for greenhouse

Lesson 13 Solar Radiation in Greenhouses

Lesson 14 Effect of Different Spectrum of solar Radiation on Plant Growth

Module 10. Steady state analysis of greenhouse

Lesson 15 State Analysis of A Ridge Ventilated Greenhouse

Lesson 16.Greenhouse Steady State Energy Balance and Mass Balance Models

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Module No. 11 Greenhouse Heating, Cooling, Shedding and Ventilation System

Lesson 17 Heating Systems

Lesson 18 Cooling, Shedding and Ventilation Systems of Greenhouse

Module 12. Carbon dioxide generation and monitoring and lighting systems

Lesson 19 Carbon dioxide generation and monitoring and lighting systems

Module 13. Instrumentation and & computerized environmental control systems

Lesson-20 Portable Instruments to Control the Greenhouse Environment

Lesson 21 Computerised Environmental Control of the Greenhouse

Module 14. Watering, fertilization, root substrate and pasteurization

Lesson 22 Watering, Fertilization, Root substrate and Pasteurization

Module 15. Containers and benches

Lesson 23 Containers & Benches

Module 16. Plant nutrition, Alternative cropping systems

Lesson 24. Plant Nutrition and Alternative Cropping System

Module 17. Plant tissue culture

Lesson 25 Plant Tissue Culture: History, Terminologies and Laboratory Requirements

Lesson 26 Plant Tissue Culture: Basic Process and Techniques Used

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Module 18. Chemical growth regulation

Lesson 27 Chemical Growth regulation

Module 19. Disease control, integrated pest management,

Lesson 28 Disease Control, Integrated Pest Management

Module 20: Post Production Quality and Handling

Lesson 29 Post Production Handling of Greenhouse Production

Lesson 30 Post -Harvest Quality of Greenhouse Produce

Module 21: Cost analysis of greenhouse Production

Lesson 31 Cost Analysis of Greenhouse Production

Module 22. Application of greenhouse & its repair & maintenance

Lesson 32 Repair and Maintenance of Greenhouse


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