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Food Business In India

If you are thinking of getting into the food business in India, you should start by looking at a few things – the time and effort you need, the capital and the strength of the market.

And that there are so many options to get into the food business world without having to set up a complete restaurant.

Here is a list of food business ideas to look for to choose the right one for you. Includes low investment ideas in crowded restaurants.

Breakfast Joint

Street food is very popular in our country. Most people rely on street food and even lunch. Typically, street food tables offer instant services to customers.

Opening a morning join is a food business with huge profits with a small investment in India. From the table, you can offer a variety of foods such as butter, paneer toast, omelet, boiled egg, Chilla, Bada Pao, etc.

Cake Shop

The cake shop and other goodies are a very lucrative business in small towns and big cities. Location plays a very important role in this business. With a variety of cakes, you can also sell biscuits, cakes, patties, cold drinks, and ice cream from there.

If you are starting a food business for the first time, you can also consider starting a franchisee for a well-known cake shop product.

Nice restaurant

Usually, good restaurants come with some dedicated food lessons. Location, interior space, decoration, interior, service, and food quality are the most important aspects of this business.

You can open your own product. Or you could start as a franchise partner for a well-known brand. Indeed, the business is looking for a value-added investment with proper planning.

Food Truck

Food truck is an inexpensive way to sell food items. Here, you will need a car like a truck or a car to sell your groceries. However, you will need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to start a food truck business.

Pickles Store

Pickle stores sell a variety of cucumbers according to local preferences. A business needs a small initial investment.

You can sell your own cucumber or you can take it out to the major producers as well. The profit margin is encouraging. However, you need a specific license and permit from the local government.

Food Blogger

If you are someone who loves food and would like to share recipes, starting a food blog review is the safest way to make money online from the comfort of your own home.

Cloud Kitchen

Cloudy kitchens are becoming more and more popular in this part of the world with rising cost of renting a place to sell. The idea is simple. You will have a basic kitchen and will serve food from online ordering platforms. You can create your own food ordering website online or using platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, etc.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is a video uploading platform where you can download free food related videos. There are thousands of food crops that make good money. If you have a knack for making recipes, you should try starting your own YouTube channel.

PaniPuri Stall

Nationwide, Panipuri is one of the most popular street foods. Indeed, it is a low-cost street food business. You can also start a business with a Rupees 50k capital investment.

Table space and product taste are the most important aspects of this business. You should place a table in a high traffic area.

Chocolate making

If you like making chocolate this idea is for you. A business that makes chocolate can be started at low cost. You can start this business at home.

Ice Cream Store

The next business idea based on eating ice cream shop. It is a business idea that is always green. This idea can be started with a low investment. It is a good idea to take franchises from the famous ice cream company.

Coffee Shop

The culture of drinking tea and coffee is on the rise. It breeds a business called a coffee shop. The investment required for this business is limited.


Over to you

I hope the above food business ideas will help you to be able to start your own business.



Ms. Manasa Sharma

B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture

Amity University, Noida


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