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Thermodynamics and Heat Engine PDF Book ICAR eCourse

Thermodynamics and Heat Engine

(a) Heat transfer occurs spontaneously from a hot object to a cold one, consistent with the second law of thermodynamics. (b) A heat engine, represented here by a circle, uses part of the heat transfer to do work. The hot and cold objects are called the hot and cold reservoirs.

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Pages: 374

Author: Er. R.S. Gill

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Outlines of Thermodynamics and Heat Engine

Module – I Basic Concepts And The Zeroth-Law  Of Thermodynamics

Lesson – 1 Thermodynamic, Thermodynamic Systems And Surroundings, Different Approaches In The Study Of Thermodynamics And Definitions Of Some Measurable Parameters

Lesson – 2 Property, Thermodynamic Equlibrium, State, Process, Cyclic Process, Quasi-Static Process And Non Quasi-Static Process

Lesson -3 Working Fluid, Gas And Vapour And Gas Laws

Lesson – 4 Temperature, Equality Of Temperature, The Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics And Temperature Scale

Lesson – 5 Work & Heat And Their Numerical Problems

Module – II First Law Of Thermodynamics For Closed System

Lesson – 6 First Law Of Thermodynamics For Closed System, Internal Energy, Perpetual Motion Machine Of First Kind And Their Numerical Problems

Lesson-7 Application Of First Law In Heating And Expansion Of Perfect Gases In Non-Flow Processes (Closed System) And Their Numerical Problems

Lesson-8 Numerical Problems On First Law Of Thermodynamics For Closed System

Module – Iii First Law Of Thermodynamics For Open System (Steady Flow Processes)

Lesson-9 First Law Of Thermodynamics For Open System And Enthalpy And Numerical Problem

Lesson-10 Various Steady Flow Processes For An Ideal Gas And Their Numerical Problems

Lesson-11 Application Of Study Flow Energy Equation (Sfee)

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Module – IV Second Law Of Thermodynamics

Lesson – 12 Limitation Of First Law And Essence Of Second Law, Heat Engines And The Kelvin-Planck Statement

Lesson – 13 Refrigerators Or Heat Pumps, The Clausius Statement And Perpetual Motion Machine Of Second Kind

Lesson – 14 Reversibility, Irreversibility, Carnot Cycle, Carnot Theorem

Lesson – 15 Entropy, Clausis Inequality, Entropy A Property, Entropy Change During Process

Lesson – 16 Change Of Entropy Of Gasses In Thermodynamics Processes And Numerical Problems

Lesson – 17 Principle Of Increase Of Entropy And Numerical Problems

Module –V Properties Of Pure Substance (Steam)

Lesson – 18 Pure Substances, Change Of Phase During Constant Pressure Process And T-V Diagram

Lesson – 19 P-V Diagram, T-S Diagram, P-T Diagram, Triple Point And Critical Point

Lesson – 20 Generation Of Steam And Internal Energy And Entropy (Extensive Properties) Of Steam

Lesson – 21 Use Of Steam Tables And Mollier Chart And Numerical Problems

Lesson – 22 Heating And Expansion Of Vapour In Non-Flow Processes

Lesson – 23 Numerical Problems On Heating And Expansion Of Vapour In Non-Flow Processes – I

Lesson – 24 Numerical Problems On Heating And Expansion Of Vapour In Non-Flow Processes – Ii

Lesson – 25 Measurement Of Dryness Fraction: Bucket Or Barrel Calorimeter And Separating Calorimeter And Their Numerical Problems

Lesson – 26 Measurement Of Dryness Fraction: Throttling Calorimeter And Combined Separating And Throttling Calorimeter And Their Numerical Problems

Module – VI Steam Boilers/Generators

Lesson – 27 Steam Boilers/Generators, Classification Of Boilers, Lancashire Boiler

Lesson – 28 Cochran Boiler, Locomotive Boiler And Babcock-Wilcox Boiler

Lesson – 29 Boiler Mountings

Lesson – 30 Boiler Accessories

Module – VII Vapour Power Cycles

Lesson – 31 Power Cycle, Vapour Power Cycles, Carnot Vapour Cycle, Rankine Cycle

Lesson – 32 Rankine Cycle With Incomplete Evaporation, Rankine Cycle With Super Heat, Modified Rankine Cycle, Performance Criteria For Vapour Cycles, Desirable Properties Of Working Fluid Used For Power Plants

Lesson – 33 Numerical Problems Related To Vapour Power Cycle

Module – VIII Steam Engine

Lesson – 34 Steam Engine, Non-Expansive And Expansive Engine Cycle

Lesson – 35 Rankine Cycle And Modified Rankine Cycle Applied To Steam Engine, Indicator Diagrams, Mean Effective Pressure, And Diagram Factor

Lesson – 36 Performance Criteria For Steam Engines

Lesson – 37 Numerical Problems On Steam Engine Including Problems On Calculations Of Cylinder Dimensions

Lesson – 38 Mass Of Steam In The Cylinder

Lesson – 39 Saturation Curve And Missing Quantity And Numerical Problem

Lesson – 40 Governing Of Simple Steam Engine And Numerical Problem

Lesson – 41 Introduction To Compound Steam Engines

Module – IX Gas Power Cycle

Lesson – 42 Gas Power Cycles, Air Standard Cycles, The Air-Standard Carnot Cycle: The Ideal Cycle For Ic Engine

Lesson – 43 Air Cycle – Otto Cycle

Lesson – 44 Air Cycle- Diesel Cycle

Lesson – 45 Air Cycles- Dual Cycle And The Comparison Of Otto, Diesel And Dual Cycles

Lesson – 46 Measurements Of Ip, Bp And Heat Balance Calculations (Not Involving Combustion)

Lesson – 47 Engine Efficiencies And Performance

Lesson – 48 Numerical Problems


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